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Wild “Right Hand” Horse – Fase I & II

Posted in Thumbs Up! on 01/05/1995 by Fabio Zaganin

Wild “Right Hand” Horse – Fase I & II

Fabio Zaganin

[Matéria originalmente escrita para uma publicação americana.]

Well, from time to time I keep coming across students with some kind of fingering problem, not exactly with hammers and pull, left hand and so on, but with one of the most basic studies of fingering : The right hand.

Sometimes the difference between the two ands agility does differ a lot when applied to exercises, studies, recordings, performances, etc. , and it goes off the deep end screwing up your work at the most crucial times. Thinking it over I found for some exercises using only the open strings, in order to workout the agility of your right hand and also to aim for a reasonable “rhythmical answer” in any situation at all.

Fase I: In this fase we’ll be having four exercises combining open strings (E, A, D, G) and rhythmical figures (whole note, 8 notes, triples e 16 notes).

In exercise number 1 we’re going to use the pizzicato i (index finger) and m (middle finger) in the open string G. In the exercise number 2 we shall start with middle finger followed by the index finger in the open string D. In the exercise number 3 we’re going to use the pizzicato three fingers with the combination i, m, a (ring finger) in the open string A and in exercise number 4 we’ll have the combination a, m, i, m (you can also apply with: m, i, m, a and m, a, m, i).

Fase II: Here we’re still going to use the combinations, open strings and rhythmical figures but we must stipulate such combinations, as follows: E = whole note, A = 8 notes, D = triples and G = 16 notes. Sure you can see others combinations if you’d like to (we’ll find out three more).

In exercise number 5 we shall have every possible combination between the strings, having as basic note the open string e with the pizzicato i and m. The same goes to exercise number 6, start with the open string A and pizzicato i, m, a, m and a, m, i, m. In exercise number 7 with the open string D and pizzicato m, a, m, i and m, i, m, a. Finally in exercise number 8 start with the open string G and pizzicato a, m, i, m and i, m, a, m.

Combination, mathematic, aerobic? Ok, you might get your point but if you know the value of each rhythmical figure and dedicate some time to it, these are good exercises for you to break in the wild horse of your right hand. Have no hurry and work all the measures. Don’t ever forget to use the metronome, ever!!!

Beat sugestions:

warmin’up = 40 bpm, exercise = 60 bpm and velocity = 90 bpm.

Study till you die (or almost) and see ya !!! FZ